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Marvel Heroes’ new crafting system does viking invisibility cloaks

Players had to clear the bridge to Asgard in a game-wide event.

Marvel Heroes’ Asgard updates began as something like a Thor 2 tie-in, but like all the best viking sagas has migrated into new and unpredictable territory. The latest, Forge of Asgard, has gone live today – and introduced an Asgardian-themed crafting system.

Gazillion Entertainment reckon the system adds “even more depth” to customising items and finding clothing robust enough to keep those Marvel muscles covered.

Players can now combine up to five Runes with Uru-Forged items. They’ll yield better items, as you’d hope, which confer “exceptional powers” to any chosen superhero – including invisibility, full healing, and a Frost Giant enlargement spell which sounds a bit like Mario 3D World’s giant mushroom power-up.

Also: Marvel Heroes is coming to Mac. Closed beta testing begins later this month.

“We’ve always wanted to release on Mac and we’re proud to announce our CBT,” said Gazillion CEO and Diablo legend David Brevik. “Marvel Heroes continues to grow and improve at an astounding rate. Giving Mac players an opportunity to suit up and save the world is a good next step for us and one we’re happy to take.”

We chatted to Gazillion’s Jeff Donais a bit ago about Marvel Heroes’ Hollywood future – turns out they’ve plans to link the game to every major Marvel movie release on the horizon.

“For Captain America, we’re considering opening up a small time-warp that allows us to go and fight in World War 2 and let the heroes be part of World War 2, which is not technically part of the Captain America film,” Donais told PCGN. “But it’s close enough that it would be kind of fun to launch that at the same time.”

Oh, and don’t worry about Deadpool being pulled from Steam – the Marvel Heroes license lasts 10 years. Do any of you lot play?