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Marvel Heroes update adds legendary quests and an end game Prestige mode

Marvel Heroes gazillion

Marvel Heroes latest update adds a reset button for top level players. You can restart at level one and your different coloured name badge will let everyone know you’re a veritable badass.

That may not seem like much of an incentive. Playing through the new legendary quests may be a better reason to restart.

The prestige mode is for folk that have reached level 60. Prestige players get nothing other than a change in their name colour.

The update also adds dots legendary quests througout the game. These are handed out by Odin and “rewards the best experience in the game but also allows players to craft Legendary Blessings for their artifacts.”

There’s also a new Hero Synergy system. These are bonus abilities which you unlock at level 25 and 50. The abilities are unlocked across your entire account and are equippable by any hero. Each hero is free to equip 10 of these different skills so when you’ve levelled up your full roster you have access to a ton of skills you can slot in for each of your characters.

There’s also a new hero. A chap called Luke Cage. He has “super strength, unbreakable skin, and the ability to summon Heroes for Hire teammates”. So, he doesn’t bruise easily and has great administration skills.

Here are the full patch notes.