The friendly webber debuts in Marvel’s Midnight Suns character trailer

The newest Marvel's Midnight Suns character trailer offers a brief look at the strategy game's card-based tactics in web-slinging action

Firaxis and Virtuous released a new Marvel’s Midnight Suns character trailer ahead of the game’s October launch, and this time, it was all about Spider-Man. Well, “all about” may be slightly overselling it. The Spider-Man trailer was rather on the short side, but it did include a few tantalizing looks at what we can expect from the friendly neighborhood mutant in combat, along with some exciting examples of the game’s fresh vision of tactics.

The first section of the trailer gives a sort of general overview, with Spider-Man using moves that wouldn’t be out of place in Insomniac’s vision of the hero, slinging foes out of the way or  grappling closer to them before finishing with a dramatic move.

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Then the trailer transitions into a more intriguing part under the heading “The Wall Crawler.”  It’s an apt name naturally, given who we’re dealing with, but the trailer actually has no wall crawling of which to speak. The prospect of verticality in a tactics game is always an appealing one, though, and we’re hopeful Spider-Man may come equipped with some handy movement abilities suited to his… suit.

The final segment calls him the Demon Webber and shows a brief glimpse of what PCGN’s Joe Robinson saw during his Marvel’s Midnight Suns preview: heroes using the environment to overcome obstacles, or in this case, to swing a heavy object at multiple enemies and look pretty cool in the process.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns shows a lot of promise, with its unique twist on strategy games and card battlers and a bold take on the formula Firaxis already perfected – and will continue to hone – with XCOM, and we’re eager to see how other heroes fit into this new framework as well.

If you can’t wait until October, there’s still plenty of strategy games on PC to keep you busy until then.