How long is Midnight Suns?

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re battling evil and befriending superheroes, so we’ve got the information on how long it takes to beat Midnight Suns

How long is Midnight suns: three heroes walk towards camera as they prepare for a mission

How long is Midnight Suns? Saving the world isn’t easy, or quick, it turns out, so you may be wondering just how much time you’ll have to commit to defeating Lilith. A day in the life of the Midnight Suns is split into two: you’ll have your time on the battlefield, smashing Hydra into a bloody pulp, and you’ll also get time to unwind around the Abbey, socialising with your super friends.

Midnight suns, while a turn-based strategy game at heart, will see you cultivating relationships and expertly crafting decks of cards in preparation for your next fight. Our Midnight Suns review rightly calls it one of the best PC games released this year, but how long will it take you to beat?

How long is Midnight Suns: Spider-Man looks up at an intimidatingly large foe

How long will it take to complete Midnight Suns?

Midnight Suns will take between 40-60 hours to complete. Our playthrough clocked in at around 55 hours, but we did most of the side content, so if you’re blitzing through the main story, you can expect to be on the lower end of this estimation.

The full game is split into three chapters, with countless main and side missions in each. You operate on a day cycle in Midnight Suns, with your morning filled with sparring, chatting to the other heroes, and crafting your combat decks. After that, you’re able to take on either a story mission or a general mission, depending on the current situation you’re dealing with. After the fighting is over, you can relax and hang out with the rest of the Abbey residents. It’s up to you how much you engage with the extra-curricular activities, but know that a completionist run of Midnight Suns will take a lot longer than simply mainlining the story.

Of course, your time to beat will vary depending on just how much you want to engage with the Midnight Suns friendship mechanics. Each character in your roster has a secret outfit and ability that you’ll only get if you reach the highest of friendship levels, but it takes time and a lot of Midnight Suns gifts. At the very least, you’ll want to fully level the player character, utilising the best Midnight Suns Hunter build so you’ll have no problem decimating your enemies.

Now you know the answer to the question ‘how long is Midnight Suns’, you can plan your journey accordingly. Will you do every extra mission and get to max friendship level with everyone, or will you mainline the story? You don’t have every hero available to you when you begin the game, so you’ll want to know how to unlock characters in Midnight Suns. Just make sure you’re nice to the big guy, alright?