Midnight Suns mods are finally here, and there’s a lot of them

Rejoice fellow modders, Midnight Suns mods have finally made it onto NexusMods, allowing you to customise Firaxis' Marvel strategy game like never before

An Asian woman with facial piercings and black shaved hair screams as she unleashes a barrage of purple energy that swirls around her

Midnight Suns mods have been highly anticipated from the get go, with players hoping to tailor Firaxis’ Marvel strategy game to suit their own superhero fantasy. Well friends, they have arrived, and there’s an awful lot to sift through.

Players and modders alike have been avidly requesting mods since the game’s release, with some claiming that their submitted mods were taking a long time to get approved by NexusMods.

However, all of that is a thing of the past as mods have finally flooded onto the site, with eleven being uploaded in the space of 24 hours. Most of them deal directly with cosmetics (Wolverine’s hat appears to be taking quite the L) allowing you to customise not just your Hunter, but your chaotic cohort of companions, too.

My personal favourite is the retexture mod for Captain Marvel, Magik, and Nico, who look absolutely stunning as a result of these simple little changes.

Three superheroes stand together, Captain Marvel, Magik, and Nico on a black background

While some players are looking for, well, you know what kind of mods, the general response to the fact that the game can be modded has been overwhelmingly positive.

“FINALLY. Now here is hoping for some new costumes, or better new game+” comments one fan on a dedicated Reddit thread, while another replies “a few people were working on costume mods so hopefully start to see those popping up soon.”

Costumes appear to be the fan favourite, especially because the outfits in Midnight Suns are interchangeable and, on the whole, look amazing. I’d love to play as a Defenders iteration of Doctor Strange, or an Avengers-style Captain Marvel, so hopefully we see some of these OG looks drop into game soon.

Until then, though, check out our Marvel’s Midnight Suns review to get up to speed, as well as our best Midnight Suns Hunter build to make sure you’re slaying Lilith’s finest in style from the get go.