Midnight Suns patch makes the superhero strategy game unplayable

An unannounced Midnight Suns patch dropped overnight but appears to be crashing when installing, leaving Marvel fans locked out of the superhero strategy game

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16/12/2022 – I have managed to download and install the update. While my game is running fine, multiple comments on the official Steam page claim that Midnight Suns is running worse than it did before the patch, referencing lagging and freezing during loading screens. No patch notes have been released. Original story continues below.

While an unannounced Midnight Suns patch sounds like a good thing on paper, the most recent update to the superhero strategy game appears to be straight up breaking Marvel fans’ games.

The latest update to the superhero saga comes in at 1.35GB; pretty hefty, but not anything too terrifying. However, players have noted that the patch is freezing halfway through downloading, or fully downloading but not actually working.

“Anyone else having issues downloading the patch? It just peters down to zero mb/s and it’s not making any change on the disc either,” writes one fan.

“Every time I restart Steam it downloads for a minute or so and just stops. Tried common fixes like clearing download cache and multiple restarts. It’s not my internet as I patched other games to see and there was no issue.” A plethora of other comments say the same.

The problem has spilled over to Reddit, too, where one Steam Deck user writes that the update “still completely crashes on Steam Deck before it can even load.”

I jumped into Midnight Suns to test this myself on PC, and while the update gets to the end for me, when I try to play the game it resets to zero and starts all over again. So, unfortunately, my evening playing Midnight Suns may now be an unattainable dream.

A photo of Marvel's Midnight Suns in Steam loading an update but not patching

Well, kind of. As mentioned in the update box above, the game now appears to be installing the update, but some players have complained of lag spikes, as well as issues with the game freezing on the loading screens. No patch notes have been released as of yet, so the situation remains unclear.

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