Best Midnight Suns Spider-Man build

The best Midnight Suns Spider-Man build can decimate entire squads of enemies in a single turn, turning the environment itself into a lethal weapon

Best Midnight Suns Spider-Man build: a superhero leaps into action dressed in red and blue

The best Midnight Suns Spider-Man build is different than anything else at your disposal, mainly due to the fact that the damage numbers on all of Peter’s abilities are underwhelming, at least at first glance. This build shines when you consider that the environment itself is Spider-Man’s weapon; he uses the objects littered around the battlefield better than anyone and can take out multiple enemies without spending a single point of heroism.

Although Peter Parker may feel like he doesn’t belong with the likes of Iron Man and the legendary Hunter in one of the best strategy games of the year, he more than pulls his own weight in a fight and is considered to be one of the best Midnight Suns characters. This Spider-Man build drags enemies around the battlefield and can deal a knockout blow by using whatever debris is on hand.


Best Midnight Suns Spider-Man build: a deck of cards showing all of Spider-Man's abilities

Best Midnight Suns Spider-Man build

Here is the best Spider-Man build in Midnight Suns:

  • Chain Strike+
  • Quick Kick+
  • Special Delivery+
  • Opportunist+
  • Spider Sense+
  • Webslinger+
  • Infernal Spider+
  • Web Throw+

The key to this Spider-Man build is his Midnight Suns ability, Infernal Spider. It not only draws a card but makes the following three Spider-Man cards played ‘Free’, meaning they do not cost a card play to use. This creates huge combo potential, as it would mean that, if you have the cards in your hand, you could play a total of five Spider-Man cards in one turn, and that’s not including any environmental attacks you throw in.

Opportunist is another card vital in this best Midnight Suns Spider-Man build, as it gives extra moves and also takes the heroism cost for environmental attacks to zero. Everything else in this build is designed to move your enemy around the battlefield; you’ll want to line them up and knock them down with those free environmental attacks.

There you have the best Midnight Suns Spider-Man build, a constant in one of the best PC games of the year, at least once you know how to unlock characters, that is. With the entire playstyle of the friendly neighbourhood superhero revolving around his legendary ability, you’ll want to get your friendship level up with him as soon as possible, using Midnight Suns gifts as much as you can.