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Midnight Suns cheapest it’s ever been on PC right now

Marvel's Midnight Suns is available at a massive discount right now, as the Firaxis strategy game of Marvel superheroes hasn't been out that long

If you’re yet to pick up Marvel’s Midnight Suns by Firaxis – a comic book game from the strategy game giant behind games like XCOM – now might be the perfect time. It’s not been out long, but as our Midnight Suns review can attest, it’s definitely worth your time. So if you’re wondering where to get it on PC and want to get that purchase sorted in advance, Midnight Suns is currently on Steam with a hefty discount.

You’ll want to act fast, however, as Marvel’s Midnight Suns is on sale on Steam at a big 33% off until January 16. You may have already missed the Midnight Suns and XCOM joint sale that ran until January 2, and we don’t know exactly when it will come back at a reduced price again, this one was more of a nice surprise than anything else.

The Midnight Suns sale is also for all versions of the game, including the standard edition, Digital Plus edition, and Legendary edition as well. The Digital Plus Edition comes with the base game and 11 premium skins, while the Legendary edition comes with 23 premium skins and the game’s season pass. The season pass adds four characters to the campaign with unique missions and stories – these are Deadpool, Storm, Venom, and Morbius.

I’ve been playing a lot of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and while I’m not here to force you into spending money on anything I can say that if you’re on the fence about buying Firaxis’ newest strategy game, a third of a price reduction across the board on Steam is absolutely worth it.

You might also be able to help boost some stats for Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Steam while you’re at it, as it turns out 85% of players haven’t pet the dog – an adorable hellhound called Charlie – in the game 15 days in a row. An easy task going undone by most players, for some reason.

You can find Marvel’s Midnight Suns on the Steam storefront.

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