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Marvel’s Midnight Suns gets bigger Steam sale, but at a higher price

Superhero strategy game Marvel’s Midnight Suns gets a new, bigger Steam sale right after its previous offer ends, but at a higher price than it was before.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Steam sale - Doctor Strange gives a quizzical look as he ponders his orb

If you missed the last Marvel’s Midnight Suns Steam sale, then you might be pleased to know that it’s immediately gone on to another one. However, there’s one key caveat – despite the superhero strategy game from the makers of XCOM being marked with a discount that’s bigger than before, you’ll actually be paying slightly more for it than in the previous sale, as you’ll have to purchase an edition with additional cosmetic skins if you want to get in on the bargains.

The previous Midnight Suns sale, which saw the game free to play for a weekend as part of a 2K publisher promotion, had it marked at 40% off for both the standard and legendary editions of the game. This means you’d pay £30 GBP / $36 USD for the base version, or £54 / $60 for the complete package with the season pass that gets you all the DLC packs including Deadpool, Venom, Storm, and everyone’s favourite antihero Michael Morbius.

Now, while there’s a sale marked at 50% off, it doesn’t actually include either of those versions – instead, the only edition on sale is the Marvel’s Midnight Suns digital+ edition, which is available for £34.99 / $39.99. Along with the base game, this also gets you eleven ‘premium skins’ for the game’s core cast of characters. This edition, usually priced at £69.99 / $79.99, has been on sale previously, but was left out of the last round of deals.

It’s not a big difference in price but, if you were someone who saw the initial 40% sale and decided to wait on a deeper discount, just be aware that this 50% discount is actually going to cost you a little more. If you do still want in, however, Marvel’s Midnight Suns digital+ edition is on sale on Steam until 15 March.

Our Midnight Suns review found plenty to love about the blend of tactical RPG game and social hangout simulator, so there’s certainly lots of reasons to pick up this overlooked superhero game if you have an interest in Marvel lore. Check our Midnight Suns tier list and guide to the best Midnight Suns gifts if you do so, and you’ll be set for success.