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The next Marvel Rivals beta will be much bigger and easier to get into

NetEase details exactly what we can expect from the Marvel Rivals beta, including a new map, characters, mechanics, and crossplay too.

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Marvel Rivals still has another beta planned before launch, and NetEase has outlined exactly what we can expect going into it. Not only will it open the doors to more players, but it has new heroes, another map, some mechanical changes, and balance improvements across the board.

The Marvel Rivals Closed Beta Test (CBT) is on the way, and the team at NetEase says it’s been “absolutely blown away” by the reception to the alpha so far. There’s also been a lot of feedback, though, so NetEase is balancing new content for the CBT with changes and improvements to overall systems ahead of the Marvel Rivals release date.

If you struggled to get into the alpha as I did, you’ll be glad to know that the multiplayer game is making the CBT five times larger than the alpha, which peaked at around 10,000 players. New servers in North America, Europe, and Asia will be available, with NetEase saying that “Opting for the server with the lowest latency will ensure the best gaming experience, but players can also team up with friends globally with cross-region gameplay.”

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Venom and Adam Warlock will be the new characters added in the beta, which means we’ll get multiple new team-up abilities, with this mechanic one of the ways Marvel Rivals wants to beat Overwatch. “With Venom and Adam’s arrival, two dynamic new Team-Up Abilities are on the horizon: ‘Symbiote Bond’ with Venom, Spider-Man, and Peni Parker, as well as the ‘Guardian Revival’ featuring Adam Warlock, Star-Lord, and Mantis.”

The new map for the CBT is Tokyo 2099: Spider-Islands, which is revamping the main mechanic setting it apart from the competition as it sees player-caused destruction rebuilt over time. For Tokyo 2099, Spider-Bots will work to weave destruction back together, giving you a window of opportunity to use the new sight lines to your advantage.

After UI complaints from the beta, NetEase has revamped a lot of the visuals in Marvel Rivals to provide much better feedback. “Visual effects, sound effects, HUD, and more have all been enhanced. Our primary focus has been on improving hit and impact feedback, ensuring you always know the direction of danger, and enhancing the visibility of defeat notifications.”

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NetEase also makes a point of balance, saying the team has “fine-tuned and balanced the heroes’ powers” across the shooter. There’s also the ‘Cosmic Selection’ pick/ban system. Galacta can banish certain characters in the upper tiers of ranked play and for certain events, locking them off if you choose to go into these modes. “First, players can secure their own team’s favorite Super Heroes and Villains, then they can outmaneuver opponents by strategically banning selections. This feature is currently still in development and more details will be released later, but we hope this gives players the opportunity to play their favorite hero while also feeling the competitive edge.”

There’s also going to be a Call of Duty-style kill-cam, alongside cross-platform play between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. In non-ranked modes, players can activate or deactivate crossplay, and ranked crossplay will have a console-only option “To ensure a fair and balanced competitive environment.” Cross-progression is also being explored by NetEase, but no promises have been made at this time.

There’s currently no release date for the new Marvel Rivals beta.

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