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Unwrap a free Marvel Snap card from Samuel L. Jackson this Christmas

Samuel L. Jackson has 'signed' a free Marvel Snap card, and all you need to do is log in over Christmas to get it in the superhero card game

21/12/2022 –  The article detailing the Winterverse event has now been republished.

You read that right, you can get a signed Samuel L. Jackson Marvel Snap card for simply playing the multiplayer game over the festive period. The superhero deck builder quickly became one of the best card games on PC this year, so it’s nice to see plenty of free rewards available for consistent players; even if this one is slightly strange.

All you need to do is log into Marvel Snap on Christmas day for the signed Nick Fury card from Samuel L. Jackson, and this’ll net you plenty of other rewards too. The Winterverse limited-time event is running from December 20 to January 3, with specific log-in bonuses available each day. Who knows, maybe the card will make it into some of the best Marvel Snap decks.

I’m not entirely sure why I find this so funny, but the prospect of getting a signed virtual card from Samuel L. Jackson on Christmas Day itself is probably one of the more amusing things I’ve read this year. That’s right, on top of some festive cheer and food on December 25, you can also get a signed virtual card.

It’s not lost on me how strange this is either. It certainly looks like MCU star and upcoming Secret Invasion cast member Jackson’s signature, but it’s virtual. Even if he scrawled down the version available on the cards themselves, he’s not written each one (or has he?). It’s still a wholesome free gift, but the situation around it can’t help but amuse me.

Samuel L. Jackson was also in that Marvel Snap ad, so it does make sense on that level at least.

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That’s not all in the Marvel Snap Winterverse event, however, as you can log in for free gold, boosters, credits, and cosmetics too. There are even some snowy Marvel Snap card variants available for Rogue, Ebony Maw, Patriot, Rockslide, and Abomination. All you need to do is open a collector’s reserve to be in with a chance of getting one – but make sure you do so during the Winterverse event.

If you want all the free rewards though, be sure to log in to marvel Snap every day for the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget to boot up the game after opening your presents on December 25 too, if you want the signed Nick Fury card from Samuel L. Jackson.

You can find out all about the Marvel Snap cards and Winterverse event on the card game’s website.

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