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This first-person Mass Effect 2 mod lets you see the Normandy in a whole new light

A new mod lets you see Mass Effect 2 through Shepard's eyes in exploration mode

Taking down a robotic foe in one of the best Space Games - Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is a game that players will keep coming back to. It marked a big step in setting up what the series would go on to be, particularly in its attention to character design, plot, combat, and RPG elements, and still has a lot to offer fans of the series and newbies alike. Now you’ll get the chance to see it all up close and personal with a mod that offers something just a bit closer to the action than the game’s default third-person – a first-person mode for exploration.

The mod, by creator LordEmil1 on NexusMods, makes exploration mode in the game first- instead of third-person. The mod’s page explains that it does this by “changing the default camera position and FOV” (field of view). Luckily you won’t have to worry about it clashing with combat or chatting: “both combat and conversations work flawlessly with this mod, because it doesn’t change anything to do with them, only exploration mode.”

It sounds like a first-person mod for combat could be on the horizon, however – the creator states that they are working on one but it’s “far from ready to be released” as it’s got some camera clipping issues right now.

The mod’s page includes a raft of great pictures and some videos showcasing the all-new view you’ll get of the game. The gleaming hallways of the Normandy and buzzing activity of the Citadel look particularly cool in first-person.

YouTube Thumbnail

Okay, so you won’t get to stare at the Commander Shepard you’ve been busy kitting out and customising as much, but you’ll get a really good look at everyone and everything else in game – and in a whole new way.

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Be sure to follow LordEmil1’s installation advice on the mod’s page to get up and running smoothly with your all-new view.