Mass Effect Andromeda new details leak – rumour


The mods over at /r/MassEffect recently got contacted by an anonymous source claiming to have access to an early version of Mass Effect Andromeda. The mods say they were provided with proof of the person’s identity, but they were asked not to share.

We already know that Mass Effect Andromeda will not draw inspiration from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So while much of this information sounds reasonable, it could turn out to be fake. And on the other side of the coin, it could turn out to be real and it might spoil some stuff for you. This could even all be information provided by BioWare to gauge reactions, or to misdirect.

You’ve been warned. Information follows:

You will apparently play as a character called ‘Pathfinder’, who is trying to find a new home for humanity in a new galaxy. In this quest you’ll be able to take along two squad members – a krogan and a blonde human woman were mentioned – on missions, with the rest staying in your ship, which is a completely new design.

The ship itself is allegedly much bigger than the Normandy, and has a balcony overlooking the bridge. Oh, and you now fly the ship to destinations. Whether this is just on a kind of overview map like in Mass Effect 2 or you actually fly it isn’t clear.

When you’re exploring a planet, jetpacks (which were seen in the trailer) can be used to navigate and get to vantage points. Combat has also been expanded, allowing you to use the omnitool as a shield and delivering destructible cover, which makes sense with Andromeda being a Frostbite engine game.

You can also explore planet surfaces in the Mako, which could be customisable.

The next bit is where it gets more difficult to believe: The main opposing force are a bipedal cross between vorcha and the collectors, according to the leak. But get this: they apparently enter combat by being dropped off in Cerberus ships.

There is speculation over whether this is a placeholder, but I think that’s very unlikely. After all, the old games were created in a different engine, on old hardware. Why would BioWare go through the trouble of creating fully textured assets they are not going to use?

To me, this suggests either this leak is totally fabricated, or BioWare have intentionally leaked details, along with a few red herrings.

Whatever the answer, hopefully we’ll find out early next year.

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