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Mass Effect Andromeda releases new teaser: happy N7 Day!


It might not be exactly what people were hoping for on N7 Day, but a new teaser has just released for Mass Effect Andromeda. 

Here's everything we know about Mass Effect 4 so far.

It's November 7, so: happy N7 Day!

N7 is, of course, the rank insignia on Commander Shepard's iconic uniform. Surely today would be the perfect day to release some new Mass Effect Andromeda details? Well, yes and no. 

A new teaser has surfaced for the game (though not yet on official channels), but it doesn't show any new gameplay details. It's a look at mankind's journey to the moon and into the stars, as narrated by Jennifer Hale's Shepard. 

The trailer seems to be Shepard passing humanity's torch on to the next generation of interstellar explorers, waving goodbye to her journey and our galaxy in the process.

There seems to be a heavy emphasis on exploration, which fits nicely with the game's journey to frontier space and a galaxy untouched by humanity. 

Check it out below:

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AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

They played THAT note again (right at the end, there). They keep doing that. The note from perhaps the biggest punch to the feels of any game from 2013. The distinctive note that played in the scene where Legion disseminated his AI throughout the geth. And also a note that happens to play in the intro.

That note is very memorable for making me feel very, very sad. I miss Legion. Loved Mass Effect 3, though. Being the progressive transhumanist that I am I had no trouble with the ending.

It wasn't hard, really.

Commit genocide against the geth, destroy the reapers whose only sins were being slaves to the Catalyst, and leave everyone vulnerable to the mind control of the leviathans who would surely take over again with the reapers out of the picture.


Become a godbeing and take the fight to the leviathans all the while hoping that Shepard wouldn't go 'big picture' bonkers and decide that enslaving species is the best way to save them from apex predators, even amongst their own (the Catalyst's worryingly accurate logic).


Give everyone a free upgrade that makes them immune to mind control.

Not a hard choice. So I was happy with how ME3 went. But that bloody note. It makes me sad every time I hear it. And ME3 was good at making me sad. Not angry and furious, like so many others. Just sad. Too many deaths for me, but entirely their story to tell.

As such, I'm very interested to see what they'll do with Andromeda.

Xerkics Avatar
2 Years ago

Not the same sheppard i hope.

Silentius Avatar
2 Years ago

As far as teasers go that was pretty weak. . . It didn't really tease anything we didn't already know.

1. Andromeda won't include Commander Shepherd.

2. Andromeda will take place in. . . wait for it. . . wait for it. . . space.

3. The player will traverse said space in some form of swanky galactic transport.

As much as I appreciated hearing Jennifer Hale's dulcet tones one more time, I might have hoped for something a bit more revealing.

rgronow Avatar
2 Years ago

"..I might have hoped for something a bit more revealing."


michealewk Avatar
2 Years ago

No Shepard im not buying it

Jenks Avatar
2 Years ago

Femshep getting her very own trailer