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Mass Effect Andromeda’s teaser trailer might hide the protagonist’s name

Mass Effect Andromeda's teaser trailer might hide the protagonist's name

Mass Effect Andromeda’s latest teaser trailer, released last week, was pretty light on the details. Unless you’re an internet sleuth, that is. Or, you know, someone with really good eyesight. People who fall into either one of these categories have already spotted something that might give us the name of Andromeda’s protagonist. 

First off, watch the teaser again.

At the 0.44 mark, we find ourselves in a cockpit, saying cheerio to our solar system. Your eyes will no doubt be drawn to the planets getting further and further away, but if you look around the cockpit, you’ll find potential clues about our new protagonist.

On the left, there’s a dog tag, and if you look close enough, maybe with the computer from Blade Runner, you might notice a name: Ryder. And on the right side there’s a photograph, hard to make out, which looks like an adult and two children.

It’s not a lot to go on, but these little breadcrumbs feel like a bounty with BioWare being so tightlipped about the game.

The E3 trailer, some have noted, also featured the song Ghost Riders in the Sky, by Johnny Cash, suggesting that the sleuths are onto something. Or maybe they’re not! The protagonist could be called John Mass Effect for all we know.

Cheers, Eurogamer.