BioWare are livestreaming a man in a chair

The legend

Videogame companies are all celebrating Christmas in their own way. Some are gifting us with in-game items, some are sprinkling our game with snow in a festive update, some are just pretending Christmas isn’t a thing, and BioWare are streaming a video of a man sat on a chair. 

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Well, they say it’s a livestream, but I have seen the man teleport, meaning it’s likely that this footage is actually a bunch of scenes stitched together.

Keep watching, though, and you’ll see some cool Easter eggs: he throws confetti, he reads a book, he gets up and walks across the room, a man comes in and puts more logs in the fire. It’s gripping stuff.

Mostly though, it’s just him. Him and his cold, dead eyes staring at you. And it’s all backed by BioWare music.

It might actually lead to something, you never know. Have a watch below: