“I’m not sure videogame press conferences have a future,” says EA’s Peter Moore


If you caught EA’s livestream this Gamescom, you might have been a bit disappointed. Perhaps you were expecting some exciting announcements that never came. This is all part of how EA are breaking away from the traditional events, reaching their audience in a more direct manner and on their own terms. 

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Speaking to Eurogamer, EA’s Peter Moore explained this position a little further. “I’m not too sure that press conferences have a future,” he said. “Let me make a radical statement – what you see here [gestures to EA’s booth], which is full, is a combination of our key customers, digital, retail, probably 40 per cent influencers.

“The medium is changing. Influencers, celebrities who aren’t the classic journalists are finding their own way. Our job is to put the games in their hands like we did last night.”

It looks like EA are just going to show off stuff when they’re ready from here on out, using famous YouTubers to expand their audience, which explains why we didn’t get any Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay. Moore says there’s no need to worry about that, however.

“If you’re a Mass Effect fan you know what BioWare does – they’re like the chef cooking in the kitchen for as long as it takes,” Moore explained. “We leave them alone, the game’s still on target, and I’d say six, seven months out you’ll begin to hear more.”