Mass Effect: Andromeda introduces the Angara – a new race that punch their family in the face

Jaal, your Angaran squadmate

If you don’t mind some slight story spoilers, this new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer lays out the Angara, an intelligent alien race indigenous to the Helius Cluster. 

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If you don’t want to hear any spoilers, go read another one of our articles now.

When you arrive in Andromeda, the Kett (they’re the bad guys) have already been there for 80 years, according to the new trailer. In that 80 years, they’ve been capturing and imprisoning Angara.

This means the Angara are weary of the races in the Andromeda Initiative, since their previous contact with an unknown race led to a drawn-out war and their people enslaved.

Jaal, an Angara with a proud lineage, joins your squad to make sure your intentions aren’t detrimental to his species.

The Angara race is apparently very emotive. They’ll show when they’re upset, and they’ll even twat their dad if they’re angry with them. Have a watch of the video above for some more background on them.

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