Yes, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s faces DO look really weird, but Bioware are working on it

Mass Effect: Andromeda animation

After the first five minutes of full-on gameplay footage we’ve seen from Mass Effect: Andromeda last night, there were a couple of reactions. Number one, that looks rather good, yes I’ll take a piece of that Mr. Bioware. Number two, and more worryingly, the animation was just a bit off. Especially when it came to lip-sync and facial structures, it looked sub-par for the generation and didn’t compare favourably to previous games. Bioware, however, say they’re working on it.

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In fact, here’s creative director Mac Walters saying they’ll be applying polish until, well:

So that’s good. Producer Michael Gamble said something similar in reply to another fan:

The message overall is that what we’re seeing is non-final. Spring 2017 is still the go-date, giving them up until probably the end of May to get it out with a straight face. Even then, delays wouldn’t exactly be new for the game.

Interestingly, Aaron Flynn, general manager at Bioware, had a slightly different tack, explaining that customisable faces mean it’s never going to reach the animation and lip-sync of a mo-capped game like Call of Duty:

While a fair point, it doesn’t really excuse the current state of things being worse than the earlier games, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, all of which had customisable characters. Hence, more work to be done. Hopefully EA don’t push it out too early (or release it between two other, vastly similar games) and it gets the love it deserves to be proper excellent.

Thanks, Eurogamer.