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BioWare are running a competition to voice two Mass Effect: Andromeda characters

Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer

BioWare are running a competition to let fans voice two minor characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda. All they have to do is record or film themselves reading the script, then email it over and wait. 

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To enter, all you need to do is download a script, upload your vocal take on the character and send the link to [email protected]. Video and audio recordings are both fine, but BioWare would really like it if you shared your entry on social media too, with the hashtag #ExplorersWanted.

The first script is for Jordan Tate, a smart and talented indie documentarian who wants to show the world the truth of what’s happening in deep space. The second script is for a tough mercenary who’s talking business with another merc.

BioWare say “your entry will be judged on the quality of your voice performance and how well it matches the Mass Effect style.”

You have until September 28 to enter, when the judging will begin by a panel of BioWare employees.

The winner will be notified on or before November 30, and will then be flown to one of BioWare’s recording studios and put up in a hotel for two nights.