Learn what makes a ‘golden world’ in this special Mass Effect: Andromeda briefing

MEA Golden Worlds

With the overarching goal of Mass Effect: Andromeda being to establish a new home in the Andromeda galaxy, you may be wondering what makes a planet perfect as a site for a new colony. To help bring new Pathfinders up to speed on their mission, BioWare have released a special briefing, explaining what makes a ‘golden world’.

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Narrated by the Tempest’s chief science officer, this video briefing informs players that in the cluster of the Andromeda galaxy in which Mass Effect: Andromeda is set, there are seven potential places for the Initiative to set up shop. With trillions of stars and abundant resources, the Helius Cluster is a good start for humanity’s gradual galactic expansion, but a homeworld will need to be established to really get the ball rolling.

Labelled Habitats 1 through 7, these planets not only have atmospheres capable of supporting life, but are rich with minerals which the Nexus needs to continue its journey across the galaxy. According to the briefing, the Nexus requires vast quantities of Helium-3, Element Zero, ice and liquid water so look out for these particular resources when flying around the Helius Cluster. A steady supply of these resources ensure that more colonists can be unfrozen and the Nexus can keep growing in size.

This briefing also informs Pathfinders on the rough state of the seven golden worlds, so explorers know what to expect before landing for further exploration:

  • Habitat 1 is a desert planet with a vast network of underground rivers, with temperatures suitable for settlement. This planet is known as Elaaden and was shown off in recent gameplay footage.
  • Habitat 2 is a moon orbiting a gas giant, full of exotic flora and rich in vital minerals.
  • Habitat 3 is a lush jungle world, no doubt home to many new species of fauna.
  • Habitat 4 is a rocky world, covered with immense areas of surface water which make it suitable for sustaining life.
  • Habitat 5 is another jungle world, perfect for the Initiative’s Turian and Qurian colonists.
  • Habitat 6 is an ocean world, full of island groups and with a temperate climate.
  • Finally, Habitat 7 has “all the markers of a tropical paradise” and will act as the first port of call for the Pathfinder.

You won’t have to wait long to touch down on Habitat 7 to begin the story of Mass Effect: Andromeda, as the game launches on March 21.

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