Even Mass Effect: Andromeda’s newsletter, the Initiative program, gets a trailer

Mass Effect Andromeda trailer

A new teaser has dropped for Mass Effect: Andromeda, asking you to sign up for a newsletter – albeit one that will probably snag you some in-game goodies or something. 

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The new trailer, embedded above, shows us a glimpse of some N7 armour-clad astronauts stood on the moon, looking across to Earth.

It talks about how Earth was humanity’s stepping stone to the galaxy, with the precursor artefacts – the Mass Relays – being a launchpad for taking us into the stars. Now we need to move beyond that, it says, to a new galaxy: Andromeda, 600 years in the future.

You can sign up for the Andromeda Initiative (the newsletter) at that link.

When the first Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer was released, we were told to expect a proper, full reveal on November 7. This trailer is essentially a teaser for that, which should hopefully give us something to properly sink our teeth into.

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