Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Origin Access trial offers gated access to single-player, full multi

Brave new worlds, not dying old ones

If you have Origin Access, you will get a ten-hour trail for Mass Effect: Andromeda. You’ll probably want to split that time between single-player and mutliplayer, though, as the single-player portion will be gated. 

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It’s not clear what section of the single-player will be available, though it’s likely the opening section. However, up to a certain point you won’t be able to progress.

From there, you can either explore, play it again, or jump into the unrestricted multiplayer.

Elsewhere, it was revealed that players can play multiplayer to unlock caches full of rewards for their single-player campaign.

The contents of these loot boxes was not revealed. However, you can also unlock them by sending out AI squads from the single-player, if you don’t want to try out multi.

The Origin Access trial begins on March 16, while the game launches proper on March 23.

Thanks, Eurogamer.