Mass Effect 5 debuts in a Game Awards teaser trailer

A teaser gives us a quick idea of what to expect from Mass Effect

BioWare has unveiled at least a tiny look at the next Mass Effect game as part of The Game Awards. As with Dragon Age earlier in the night, it’s just a brief teaser that doesn’t give much away, but it does offer an idea of what to expect from the upcoming game – and it seems that we’re returning to the setting of the original trilogy.

The trailer has us moving through several galaxies before ending up on an icy planet, where we see the remains of a dead Reaper in the background. An Asari woman digs up a piece of N7 gear, perhaps hinting that Shepard still has a part to play.

The Game Awards is an annual showcase of both the year’s best games and upcoming titles from publishers and developers across the industry. The evening promises news on everything from Among Us to the next Dragon Age game, and PCGamesN will be here to provide the biggest news as it happens.

Check out the trailer below.

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