New Mass Effect details revealed at Comic-Con; Mako gets a facelift

Mass Effect Mako

Some tidbits on the next Mass Effect game have surfaced from the San Diego Comic-Con during the Bioware panel. The information was sparse, but a couple of noble live-tweeters were on hand to gather up the details.

First off, it’s not Mass Effect 4.

Mandatory disclaimer: all of this is subject to change during the games development.

The Mako is back and in a big way; it’s built for exploration rather than combat and looks to be customisable. Travelling around planets will be a major part of the new game, and Bioware have come to understand “vehicle frustration” from the previous games.

Here’s a video showing some Mako footage courtesy of The Escapist:

The animation team is “doing stuff [they] couldn’t even dream about before” with the Frostbite 3 engine. It’s also “ingrained in [Bioware]” to give players as much choice as possible. Shepherd won’t be directly involved as it’s a brand new story, and it’s also hinted that it could be set inside a totally different galaxy to before. Multiplayer is also returning, but Bioware seem to still favour cooperative over competitive game modes.

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