Mass Effect launched 13 years ago today

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite game anniversary on the Citadel

There’s been a lot of talk about Mass Effect lately, and not just for the usual reason that Mass Effect is great. The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters are on the way, Mass Effect 5 is early in development, and times are looking good for fans of one of BioWare’s biggest series of RPG games. Well, there’s extra reason to celebrate today, friends: it’s Mass Effect’s birthday.

Yes, the original Mass Effect first launched precisely 13 years ago in North America, on November 20, 2007. Australian and European launches for the Xbox 360 version followed a few days later, but it wasn’t until May 28, 2008 that the PC version became available. (Remember the days of having to wait months for not just some, but most PC versions of major games?)

The Mass Effect remaster has been rumoured for the better part of a year, and fans have been clamouring for it even longer – and it’s easy to see why. BioWare’s shooter-RPG hybrids have some intricately detailed sci-fi world-building, a cast of lovable recurring characters, and enough controversies to ensure there’s enough bad to make us treasure the good.

Hopefully both the remasters and the new entry in the series both remind us more of the good times than the bad.

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