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Massdrop is making it easier and cheaper to find new gaming PC hardware

The community-driven marketplace could be the best place to find new, and interesting, gaming gear.


The online, community-driven marketplace, Massdrop, has added a few extra ‘communities’ to its roster. There are now baking, board games, flashlights, trading card games, and… oh yeah, PC gaming. The marketplace is promising to deliver “all the battlestation essentials”, and will hopefully foster limited edition gear, fresh new concepts, and cheaper peripherals for gamers.

The PC Gaming community will include monitors, gaming mice, desks, chairs, mouse mats, microphones, gaming glasses, and graphics cards. Mechanical keyboards are also available on the site, although these clacky slabs of metal and plastic already have a dedicated, thriving community on the e-commerce site all to themselves – and rightfully so.

There are already a few big name component drops listed on the PC Gaming community right now, including: the Samsung 960 Evo NVMe SSD, Adata XPG DDR4 memory kits, gaming chairs from various big name brands, and even the MSI Optix 34-inch curved gaming monitor. There are also multiple requests open if you need something a bit more specific for your build – including a whole heap of graphics cards.

Due to the nature of Massdrop, ostensibly organising and manifesting community-chosen group buys, products listed on the site often drop in price when purchased en masse. With PC gaming now on the radar, and already 2,690,601 (and counting) members strong, there’s plenty of audience and interest to leverage for cheaper prices on products gamers actually want.

Massdrop PC Gaming community

While prices are not always cheaper than some of the more aggressive markets or retailers online, occasionally you can grab a great deal through the community, which, after this last year of price hikes, is a breath of fresh air.

As a community-driven site, you can be involved in the selection process for new inventory. This can be done by either showing your interest via requesting a now defunct drop to return, or voting in a poll on exactly which products you’d like to see come through the warehouse doors.

PC gaming hardware used to fall under the umbrella of the Tech community, but now is far more focused toward gamers.

Massdrop also offer ‘Massdrop Made’ products. These are put together either through solo projects on the site or via collaborations with popular brands. Right now the PC37X gaming headset is available to pick up, a collaborative project between Massdrop and the high-end audio brand Sennheiser, but that will undoubtedly lead to some more fascinating collabs in the near-future.

Massdrop’s new PC gaming community will hopefully prove very useful to avid gamers and beginners alike. It’s yet another location on the great wide web for PC building newbies to find a little advice, narrow down component choice, and maybe even save a little money.