Master of Orion warps out of Early Access on August 25

Master of Orion release date

Wargaming’s unlikely, in-house take on the space strategy classic has been in Early Access since February. And thanks to the unerring averages of Steam user reviews, I can tell you the reaction’s been Mostly Positive.

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That’s a feat in itself, since Wargaming have volunteered to follow up some of the most beloved 4X games outside of Civilization. Now they’re readying to pump the game full of alien races and juicy victory conditions.

Master of Orion arrived in Early Access with six races, limited ways of winning, and a reduced feature set. By the end of August, however, it’ll incorporate all ten of the original game’s races – each voice-acted and AI’d appropriately – plus support for conquest, technological and diplomatic victories, to name three.

We’re promised galaxies of up to 100 solar systems, and many more planets and stars within. Ships are customisable according to the customs and tastes of their parent race, and campaigns guided by 75+ possible areas of research.

Master of Orion’s £23 standard edition will show up on Steam and GOG on August 25 – it’s currently available only as a £29.99 version alongside the first three entries in the series.

A launch collector’s edition will bundle together those four games, as well as a digital art book, soundtrack, retro ship skins, and most compellingly, an extra race: the Terran Khanate.

Anybody who buys a copy of Master of Orion from now on will get Total Annihilation too. Because, hey, why not: Wargaming own some pretty cool licenses. Chris Taylor works there now, remember?