Upcoming action MOBA Master X Master introduces two new Masters, marksmen and assault specialists

Master X Master

NCSoft’s upcoming action MOBA, Master X Master is showing off its heroes, called, you guessed it, Masters, one at a time in a series of videos. Two more have just entered the spotlight.

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The latest two videos focus on Kromede and Poharan, two women with names that make you sound like you’re clearing your throat or having a nasty attack.

Kromede is a mid-range assault Master who’s making a cameo across from NCSoft’s Aion. She’s all about sustained, heavy damage from her bow. Here’s the video:

Poharan is another cameo, a mid-to-long range marksman from Blade & Soul. She’s all about suppression and scratching, continuous damage. Here’s her spotlight video:

You can check out all the Masters revealed so far on the Master X Master site.