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From me to you: Dark Souls devs have a new owner in Killer is Dead publishers Kadokawa

Dark Souls 2 looks better on PC than elsewhere, and is nicely configurable too.

Dark Souls 2 is out and we’ve given it a verdict in our Dark Souls 2 review.

From Software have been around since 1986, but only lately discovered that you can get a star to rise by beating it with sticks. The success of Souls both Demon and Dark has attracted the attention of Tokyo manga publishers and Suda51 enablers Kadokawa, who in the next month will acquire 80% of the developers’ stock.

As manga publishers, Kadokawa Shoten have contributed to the cult of Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion. And more recently in videogames, they’ve published Japanese versions of Grasshopper’s Killer Is Dead and Lollipop Chainsaw.

“We are planning to expand our position in this business with both Kadokawa Games and From Software,” said the publishers. “We have planned a series of discussions aimed at co-operation: expanding and developing both companies while taking advantage of their areas of expertise.”

The publishers went on to say that From would take advantage of Kadokawa’s in-house development and marketing teams to build new series’ for Western consumption. Which is interesting, as Kadokawa have yet to publish a single game overseas.

All the Souls games to date have been self-published by From Software in Japan, with Namco Bandai on distribution duties elsewhere. We can only presume that arrangement has come to an end.

The news emerged from Japanese site Gamebiz this morning after Kadokawa announced their earnings – an English-language announcement is expected later on today.

From’s long and storied history stretches from Tenchu, through mechs, to their current bollocks-hard RPG highs. Their Dark Souls 2 port has seen them finally crack PC gaming. Where would you like their new owners to take them next?

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