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Mechwarrior Online garners 1.1 million registered accounts in time for September 17 launch date


Fast-paced and already much-loved at PCGamesN, Mechwarrior Online is plenty good enough to hold its own in the modern mechscape it shares with Hawken and notable newcomer Titanfall. Testament to that are the 1.1 million signed-up, if not necessarily well-qualified, pilots that now jostle for supremacy ahead of its launch proper in mid-September.

Mechwarrior publishers Infinite report that players have together spent a total of 1100 years playing in the game’s open beta, which is more time than you or I could possibly spend eating hot dinners, even if we really savoured them. 46,941,487 mechs had sadly perished at last count, and three billion tons of metal had been melted down in the process.

“Stacked end to end, these destroyed Mechs would reach to the moon and back 1,221 times,” say Infinite, gleefully. “The total cost of this damage is a staggering 18,316,519,465 C-bills.”

C-bills, incidentally, are Mechwarrior’s units of in-game currency – players have earned 10.1 trillion of them to date. Those same players have also fired 2,451,270,519 lasers, which is enough energy to power 87 million homes for a month – unequivocally a tremendous waste.

Still! Mechs are fun, right? Become the one million, one hundred thousand and oneth person to join up today.