Mechwarrior Online update brings new mech, the Pretty Baby


Weighing in at 80 tons and carrying a loadout comparable to an Atlas, yet still able to sprint at 70 km/h, Mechwarrior Online’s newest walking weapons platform, the Pretty Baby, is a force to be reckoned with.

Piranha Games have laid out the next month of releases, including the new mech, a new map which promises 24-player games (up from the current 16), as well as an overhaul to the game’s UI.

A trailer and more below the break.

In a blog post over on Mechwarrior’s websitecreative director Bryan Ekman lays out the plans for February’s updates.

There’s the new, larger map Alpine Peaks. It’s built to support 24-player matches though we’ll be waiting till April before we see the functionality go live. Until then we can be happy making mischief in the good ol’ eight versus eight teamdeathmatches.

The in-game screens are being reworked. Now, the scoreboards and end of round summary will provide more information and statistics.

On the 19 February the new phase of matchmaking will roll out. Hopefully, this will mark more balanced games.

One of the most welcome changes is the planned update to the game’s mechlab interface. Currently it’s unintuitive anddoesn’tprovide a great deal of feedback. According to Ekman we”will now be able to see the full impact of swapping in Double Heat Sink, Artemis, and Ferro Fiberous Armor upgrades before committing to a purchase.”

There are a number of other changes that you can read about over in the blog post, including engine optimisation and item tuning. Go read it.