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Mechwarrior Tactics Founder’s Program extended; trailer shows mech-based shootery


While my heart currently only beats for one Mechwarrior game, Mechwarrior Tactics is consistently proving impressive. The hex-based turn-based skew of Mechwarrior is a free-to-play release that sees you commanding a lance of the biggest stompiest robots the universe has seen.

Publisher Infinite Game Publishing have extended the beta buy-in period and released a new trailer to say sorry for not opening the game’s beta yet.

As you can see, good stompy fun.

As we’ve said in previous posts, the game most similar to Mechwarrior Tactics is the old Mechcommander games, developed by Microsoft at a time when they made things without disdain for the PC.

It was a unique game in the Mechwarrior franchise as it gave you a much more strategic overview of the action and, while not having the frenetic first-person action of the Mechwarrior games, it worked extremely well. I’m well chuffed that the game design’s not been left on a shelf to get musty.

Also, by all reports the game is great fun. Soon as I can get some beta access I’ll bring you my thoughts.

Still no announced date for the open beta launch. You can buy-in via this link.