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MechWarrior Tactics trailer reveals game’s inner gears


MechWarrior Tactics is a browser-based strategy game. Wait, no! Don’t click away so fast! This one doesn’t look bad! If we didn’t say it was browser based you probably wouldn’t even realise it! At least watch the new trailer that explains how the tabletop game has been transformed into a multiplayer PC game. 

Rather than being the stompy shooter we normally associate MechWarrior with, Tactics is a collectable card game based on the IRL card game BattleTech. Unlike other games featuring decks, this actually has battlefields and 3D animated mechs rather than just on-screen cards. It still sticks to the principles of the tabletop game though, with a movement phase and attack phase. When thats all over, you get a cinematic action camera that shows everything happening in a shower of missiles.

MechWarrior Tactics is in development at Blue Lizard, and will be heading into Open Beta later this year. You can get instant access to the closed beta by purchasing a Founder’s pack.