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Medal of Honor Warfighter Fireteam footage emphasises the importance of friendship


Friends sing together, friends do things together, friends laugh together, ha ha ha, and in Medal of Honor Warfighter they shoot insurgents together, form fireteams together, and generally have a rolicking good time together – as evidenced by the new multiplayer trailer.

A new multiplayer mode for the Medal of Honor series, Fireteam lets you and a chum band up to take on the foreigners. Wait, not like last time.This time you can play as any nation in the world whilst you kill the everyman-balaclava-wearer.

In something akin to the terrorist hunt modes in the more shooty-bang-bang latter-day Rainbow Six entries, you have a set of generic repeatable levels that you and designated-pal must fight through, earning points, badges, and, I’d assume because it’s the fashion of the moment, unlocks.

It doesn’t take the crown of best recently announced multiplayer mode away from Crysis 3, but it does make Medal of Honor look less of a throwaway buy as a means of getting in on the Battlefield 4 beta.

I’ll just, um, leave this here: