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Medal of Honor Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty DLC introduces Bin Laden’s hideouts as multiplayer maps


EA and Danger Close’s war-on-terror fetishism might have landed their Navy SEAL consultants in a spot of serious bother, but it continues unabashed in Medal of Honor Warfighter’s first map pack. Zero Dark Thirty shares its name with the upcoming film about America’s hunt for Bin Laden and reupholsters two of his suspected hangouts for teabagging and good times.

Two maps are included – Chitral Compound and Darra Gun Market, both based on real locations in Pakistan.

“Chitral is a valley landscape with a wide open floor, bordered by rocky mountains with familiar villages nearby,” says art director Chris Salazar. “The basic place to hide in plain sight.

“Darra is cavernous and sharply vertical – there’s a reason the gun market can be hidden in this terrain. It’s incredibly hostile, rugged and difficult to enter. The perfect hiding spot for a terrorist weapon cell.

Medal of Honor is no terrorist weapon cell management sim, however, and these geographical factors will have very different implications for first-person-shooters and shootees. Practically speaking, the maps are larger than those included in the base game, and include hidden sniper blinds and nests to allow players to dig into the sniper class.

The Zero Dark Thirty map pack will be made available from December 17th, and comes free to owners of the Limited or Deluxe versions of Warfighter. Is that you?