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Meet Your Maker gameplay preview: how it hopes to hook DBD fans

Meet Your Maker's gameplay is very different from Dead by Daylight, but Behaviour Interactive's Ash Pannell still believes it'll entice Dead by Daylight fans

meet your maker by dead by daylight devs behaviour interactive chimera in base

Meet Your Maker’s gameplay is a far cry from playing as one of Dead by Daylight’s killers, but creative director Ashley Pannell has outlined the similarities between the two games, showing that DBD fans can make MYM their home away from home.

Renowned for their creepy horror game, Dead By Daylight, Behaviour Interactive’s next venture, Meet Your Maker, is just as menacing despite being very different from the company’s flagship title.

Where you desperately run and hide in an attempt to avoid Killers in DBD (or, in the Killer’s case, run around and tear unsuspecting Survivors asunder), in Meet Your Maker you’re effectively building a lethal base so that players who are lured in by the promise of loot are promptly obliterated.

Given that the DBD community makes up a huge proportion of Behaviour’s playerbase, I asked creative director for both titles, Ash Pannell , if he feels like Meet Your Maker’s build and raid mechanics will appeal to fans of Dead by Daylight.

Will DBD players enjoy Meet Your Maker?

While on paper the games are on polar opposite ends of the virtual spectrum, Purnell states “there are elements that are the same, and elements that are very different.”

“I hope DBD players enjoy Meet Your Maker,” he continues. “From my perspective, I was the creative director on DBD and now I’m the creative director on [Meet Your Maker] and I naturally fell in love with both games. There are tonal similarities – that’s intentional. It’s part of the way we like to make our games and the style and vibe we want to achieve.

“They’re very different games in concept,” he says, but highlights “they’re both asymmetrical, but there’s a non-real time component in Meet Your Maker that’s very, very different and means you’re not literally playing right next to someone unless you’re in co-op at the same time.”

“I’d like to think a lot of Dead by Daylight fans would want to give this a go even although it’s different. The horror fantasy of DBD and the post-apocalyptic one of Meet Your Maker; they’re in the same bracket of storytelling – so hopefully they try it out.”

Meet Your Maker will be unleashed on the world in 2023, but you can sign up for early playtests of the game via the official website.