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This brutal 2D Metroidvania Sekiro rival finally has a release date

Meifumado is an upcoming Metroidvania soulslike inspired by Japan and set in the post apocalypse where everyone is wielding samurai swords.

This brutal 2D Metroidvania Sekiro rival finally has a release date: A grayscale samurai.

I love Sekiro. I think it’s the worst entry point into FromSoftware’s amazing games because it’s so brutally difficult, but it has the most satisfying sword fights I’ve ever played. I yearn for Sekiro 2: Shadows Die Twice More but I accept that’s not likely for at least a few more years. Luckily, there’s a new game coming that looks like it could best my love for Sekiro, and it even has a launch date.

Meifumado is an upcoming 2D Metroidvania game set in a post apocalypse world that’s inspired by Japan. The player character and NPCs all fight with samurai swords and the pixelated art style beautifully shows off devastating attacks that see enemies cut in half in the blink of an eye. Where the Sekiro inspiration comes into things is in the deflection of enemy attacks, opening them up to vicious counters.

The game clearly has other soulslike influences, too, with a stamina bar that you need to manage so you can’t just spam attacks, as well as some sort of magic bar and quick use items like throwing knives to chip away at opponents from afar or interrupt them. There’s also a bow and arrow, and a fast kick attack that can send enemies tumbling.

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No soulslike or Metroidvania would be complete without bosses. The ones in Meifumado look tough, with one scattering explosives around the screen and another towering above the player character wielding a sword bigger than most people.

Meifumado’s release date is Thursday July 18, 2024, you can wishlist it on Steam right here.

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