Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to hack (and slash) on your PC


Previous console-only Metal Gear game Revengeance is coming to hack (and presumably slash) on PC sometime in the wonderful time period people call ‘the future’. Kojima has confirmed it. JP Kellams has confirmed it. We’re reaching out to Raiden himself just to make sure this is genuine. 

Other than the news that the Platinum Games-developed game is coming to our fair platform, details are thin on the ground. If you’re not familair with the game already, you need only know that it’s an insane melee fighter in which you play universally-hated-turned-ultimate-badass character Raiden, who’se now a cyborg with knives in his shoes. No, really. Strip away all the insanity and over-complicated lore and you’ll find a finely crafted hack-and-slash that can be suprisingly punshing at times.

Take a look at the trailer for the console version whilst you wait for news of a release date to land.