It looks like you might have to wait longer than you thought to play Metal Gear Solid 5


Is everyone ready to get stuck into what is allegedly Hideo Kojima’s last Metal Gear Solid game in the early hours of Tuesday morning? Well try not to get too excited, unless you live within the region of Eastern Standard Time – the game will only open up for downloads when the clock strikes midnight in that timezone. Kept you waiting, huh?

This revelation came from the game’s online community manager on Twitter. For us in the UK, this means we’ll have to wait until 4am to even begin the download process, which isn’t a phantom pain, it just hurts. This is why pre-loading is awesome. Why isn’t this standard by now?

Anyway, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is worth the wait, nudging The Witcher 3 aside to take my top spot so far this year when I played it on PS4. It’s not only my favourite game so far this year, but it’s also the best Metal Gear Solid game we’ve ever had. Inserting the series into an open-world opens it up for some incredible emergent moments, with each mission feeling different every time you tackle it.

It helps that it controls like a modern game and looks drop dead gorgeous, too. Talking about how sexy it is, I just imagined what these 4K screens must look like on a capable monitor and now I need a little lie down. Maybe it’s time to upgrade my rig.

Watch the launch trailer again below and work yourself into a frenzy. Punch a mirror. Turn evil. Start your own private military corporation. Anything you can do to make the time go quicker.