Metal Gear Online footage shows that stealth doesn’t have to suffer in multiplayer

Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Solid’s very welcome transposition from the consoles begins a week on Thursday with the Steam release of Ground Zeroes, and the compellingly bonkers Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in the new year. Q.E.D., we’re going to be writing about Metal Gear Online a lot.

The cooperative stealth-shooter is being rebooted as The Phantom Pain’s online component, and resembles a base-storming bally good time in its first video.

The trailer begins with a look at the game’s customisation options – you can wear anything you like, so long as it’s khaki – but soon livens up with a spot of hunched running through the desert.

A group of players launch a coordinated attack on a base, with help from a couple of lobbed scanning grenades and a stuffed dog.

The thrills on show are the same sort as those seen in Ground Zeroes – marking enemies, abd manipulating the environment with placeable gadgets and canny maneuvering.

The fact that the assault eventually devolves into a gatling gun mech-off doesn’t dispel the magic of seeing such a taut, tactical stealth engine rejigged for multiplayer. Think you’ll play around with the co-op much?