Metal Gear Solid 5 PC release date is September 1st, will have better graphics options


“Ah, what a joyful scene.” starts the Steam community post that announces MGS5: The Phantom Pain is having its PC release date moved up two weeks to match that of the console versions. Yes indeed, no longer will you have to hear the crowing of your PS4 bretheren or the “well at least I have this!” of that one dude you know who bought an Xbox One.

It comes along with news that graphical options will be much improved from Ground Zeroes, allowing for control over depth of field and other elements. Konami are slightly worried about the performance of Windows 10, but say it shouldn’t cripple the game for anyone.

In previous years, it would worry me that a company had suddenly decided they didn’t need an extra two weeks of PC optimization. Obviously I’d rather they didn’t, but based on recent releases it’s often needed. However, Konami will know that if they don’t release a working game to begin with, all that money’s getting refunded by a merciless Steam userbase. Hopefully it means a good game sooner and a long string of patches, rather than two weeks of beta testing.

More details in the full post. The game is £45.99 on Steam, including a copy of pseudo-prequel Ground Zeroes. You can almost certainly get it cheaper elsewhere.