Shoot almost unlimited, silent rockets in new Metal Gear Solid 5 exploit


If you’ve ever been playing a really good game and fancied totally ruining it for yourself, you’ll love this one. A YouTuber called ‘jasonLJ’ has figured out a way to use locked out attachments on weapons, in this case resulting in a silent rocket launcher with a 100 round belt strapped to it.

It might be worth messing around with for a bit of fun, but I can see this ruining the entire experience for you if you rely on it. And what an experience it is.

This particular bug seems to be PC exclusive, with the game allowing you to select locked out attachments by pressing the left mouse button instead of spacebar or enter. It can crash your game if you don’t follow some specific steps – as outlined in this Reddit thread-but you probably deserve it.

Here’s the silent rocket launcher in action:

Hopefully the exploit is patched out soon, as there are worries that people will use it in the game’s online mode where players can invade each other’s Forward Operating Bases. If you do this, please know that I hate you with every fibre of my being.

Now go and do something productive with your time, like pocketing unconcious birds while listening to Spadau Ballet or something.

Cheers, PCGamer.