Fox Engine director joins Bandai Namco

fox engine

The Fox Engine, used to spectacular effect in Metal Gear Solid V, was made by a team of pretty talented programming wizards. The head wizard on the project – technology director Julien Marceron – has left Konami and has now signed up with Bandai Namco to work on core technologies.

The announcement comes with no details on what Marceron will be tasked with, but of the company’s big IPs the most prolific is certainly Dark Souls. Perhaps Marceron will be part of the team making Dark Souls 3 look especially lovely?

Merceron left Konami in September, and had previously worked at Square Enix on Tomb Raider and Hitman.

“I’m extremely excited to be given an opportunity to make a difference within the amazing Bandai Namco Group, so well-known for its iconic IPs,” said Merceron. “I’m looking forward to empower the teams I’ll be working with and accelerate growth, innovation and creativity. The reach of this group goes well beyond games, it is a true Multimedia and Entertainment Group, so I know I will learn a lot too! Working with so many experienced people and friends and focusing on a wider range of entertainment forms is the chance of a lifetime!”

“We are facing a chance to create a lifestyle and entertainment that has never been imagined. In such revolutionary times, in order to create the best product for the world, we would like to evolve the studio together with Mr. Merceron,” added Hajime Nakatani, Bandai Namco’s CEO.

Thanks, Eurogamer.