Konami is helping create a prosthetic Metal Gear Solid 5 arm for a fan


Despite their recent bad press, it turns out Konami still has the occasional kind gesture stored up their sleeve. Just take this story of the recently derided Japanese publisher helping to make a prosthetic for an amputee that’s based on Snake’s bionic arm from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

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Here’s a segment of Konami’s statement to bring you up to speed:

“Inspired by the prosthetic limb seen in KONAMI’s METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN, KONAMI is working closely with renowned prosthetics artist, Sophie De Oliviera Barata and a team of engineers, roboticists and product designers, to produce a highly stylized and multi-functional limb for 25-year-old James Young, drawing from the Metal Gear Solid aesthetic. James tragically lost an arm and a leg when he was dragged on to the tracks, between two carriages of the London DLR as it was pulling in.”

Sophie was chosen for the project as she’s been making bespoke prosthetic limbs with unique designs tailored to their wearers for years now. Her Alternative Limb Project allows users to help design the look of their prosthetic, so partnering with Konami on a replica of Venom Snake’s robotic arm seems like a good fit.

Konami are also promising a documentary, which will cover the making off the prosthetic. Best of luck to both Sophie and James on the project. Now, if the finished article can send back sonar mappings of every heavily armored guard in a 300ft radius, I’ll be even more impressed.

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