Metal Gear Online Cloaked in Silence expansion will arrive in March

Metal Gear Online Quiet

Quiet’s introduction to Metal Gear Online as a playable character will occur next month as part of a DLC campaign titled Cloaked in Silence. Along with the cloth-challenged sniper as a playable character, three new maps are also part of the DLC. It will be released in tandem with a free update that introduces Sabotage, a new mission where attackers try to fulton out a missile, defenders trying to keep defenses in place to stop them doing so.

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Quiet’s introduction gives her all the abilities you’ll be used to from buddying up in singleplayer – long range sniping, extremely fast movement speed, easier transition over obstacles and the ability to go invisible. So, to sum up: super long range, super fast and invisible. That sounds fun to fight against. Meanwhile, the three maps break down like this:

  • Coral Complex – based around the campaign’s motherbase tileset, it’s big, vertical and filled with tight corridors to complement its more open areas on the fringes.
  • Rust Palace – a decaying Afghan multi-story building with little cover and lots of sniping opportunities.
  • Azure Mountain – a large, open desert area with a few buildings pockmarked in the center.

Konami are also launching a series of cosmetic upgrades in the form of custom animations with these packs, sold seperately. They allow you to ‘equip’ different actions and use them in battle to taunt or distract. Each of the four packs is a couple of pounds or a few dollars each.

The map pack and Quiet, meanwhile, will set you back €3.99 or local equivalents. There’s no exact release date yet, but it will be some time in March.