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Metal Gear Online infiltrates beta, is now live with rewards for early birds

Metal Gear Online live

After a quick stint in beta last week, Metal Gear Online is now ready to roll for anyone who already owns MGS 5. Snake sure doesn’t mess about. 

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So, yeah, the Metal Gear Online PC beta was only released into the world last week but has already snuck its way out of its testing phase, tied it to a surface-to-air recovery device, sent it back to base, before riding itself on horseback into full release.

“The Beta has officially concluded and the game is now available for launch,” reads a Konami statement made earlier today. “We took in a lot of feedback and made a few key adjustments. After some initial hiccups we’re going forward guns at the ready. However that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped development, quite the contrary. Just like the previously released console versions of MGO, we’ll be integrating new updates to the game to improve the experience and add content.”

Just hours after launch last week, the Metal Gear Online beta was pulled in order to sort out an exploit where a number of cheeky players allegedly got their mitts on Mother Base Coins without paying.

This problem seems to have since been resolved, while Konami also announced they had a “little extra incentive planned” for those who missed the test phase last week. By playing just one match between now and January 26, players will be rewarded with a bonus 3000 Gear Points to help kit out your new character. Mind and muddy your boots before you get going again – you don’t want your mates to pick on you.

If you somehow managed to miss MGS 5 last year I won’t judge you. It was my favourite game of the whole entire year, you see. Which means I might judge you if you don’t get your act together and play it now. Before you do, you could check out our PC port review, or our reasons why Metal Gear Solid 5 is the best Metal Gear yet.