Metal Gear Online PC beta releasing today, get ready to fulton your friends


As I turn suddenly at the sound of news, exclamation point appearing over my head in a shocked tone, I discover Metal Gear Online’s long-delayed PC version hiding behind a crate. Yes indeed, Konami have announced that MGO, the multiplayer portion of MGS5, will soon be in a playable state on PC, with an opt-in beta distributed via Steam in just a few hours. It comes months after the console version went live in October, but on the plus side, does look rather fun.

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The announcement was made via a quick Twitch stream last night, where information on some upcoming DLC was also announced. There’s a new map on the way based around Mother Base, plus some new costumes, but for PC players what’s important is we’ll finally get to play it.

If you’ve got The Phantom Pain but aren’t familiar with the promised multiplayer, it’s fairly similar to the single-player’s missions, but with a lot more Snake-likes wandering around. You shoot each other, go for objectives, attach fulton balloons and generally have a smashing time. Here’s Konami’s last preview for it from last year:

The archive of the stream is available on Twitchwith the PC-relevant stuff about 14 minutes in or you can read the announcementover on Steam. If you want to get in on the action, you’ll need to use Steam’s beta opt-in service through the properties menu – but there’s no invite process: if you have the game, you can play MGO. It’s meant to go live at 10PM Pacific time today, January 12th, which is around 1am EST and 6am GMT on the 13th. Konami have advised that there could be a short delay in setting things up, but for Europeans, it should basically be available by the time you wake up tomorrow.