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Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransaction madness: Base Insurance is now a thing

MGS FOB Insurance

Metal Gear Online launches today on the console versions of MGS V, and with it comes a rather crazy new microtransaction option: FOB Insurance. For a deduction from your real-world savings account, you can rest in peace with the knowledge that things stolen from your base in PvP mode will be replaced by a fictional insurance company. 

Metal Gear Online doesn’t reach us on PC until next year, but right now we’re seeing what could be with us in a few months time. 

The system works as thus: real money is spent on FOB Insurance, which lasts a specified amount of time. During the period of your insurance policy, if an enemy player attacks your base in the FOB PvP mode, whatever staff and materials they steal will not go missing from your base. They will still reap the rewards as if they had stolen them, but you won’t notice anything missing. 

Like all insurance policies, there are exceptions. FOB Insurance does not cover staff held in the brig, wounded staff, staff deployed to defensive FOB positions, and nuclear weapons. 

Quite frankly, if I’d got a sodding nuclear bomb on my base, I’d want the damn thing insured. Sounds like Diamond Dogs are using the wrong policy. Compare the Market, Snake. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of it. 

NeoGAF users report the policy prices as: 

  • 50 coins – one day cover
  • 100 coins – three days cover
  • 200 coins – seven days cover
  • 300 coins – 14 days cover

There's also a three day free trail, just in case you needed the concept of insurance demonstrated to you. 

Here in the UK, £8 nets you 1,150 MB coins, making the fourteen day duration around £2. Are your staff that precious to you? 

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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Flappers avatarSelarek avatarShriven avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Shriven Avatar
Shriven(1 day 9 hours played)
2 Years ago

We knew Konami would milk every possible thing they could out of this with NO SHAME. Did you know, their Pachinko arm applied for ownership of the name "Big Boss" in its machines?


Flappers Avatar
Flappers(2 days 2 hours played)
2 Years ago

Utterly atrocious behaviour by Konami.

*shakes fist angrily*

Selarek Avatar
2 Years ago

This game in my country is over 200 bucks. I will try other "possibilities" to try this thing out.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Ah, the Wild West exploitation of mobiles, taking advantage of people who compulsively spend without thinking. It's no different than casinos and gambling, except far, far less controlled. What businesses like Konami are doing now is testing to see whether other audiences (console and computer) are equally ripe.

Are we? Ripe, that is? Only time will tell. I think we need to counter this, though. They make me want to fight it, tough and nail, because they're abusing people with disorders and taking advantage. Again -- this is exactly what casinos did (and unfortunately still do in some countries). Quoth Daffy Duck: It's despicable.

But Konami are far, far from the only ones responsible for this.

I think that we should fight them on this, on every field, and at every turn. We have to campaign about it, write to our respective government agencies, and just talk about it publically. Thanks to human nature though you'll have a lot of people defending this, cognitive dissonance is a huge issue and very few people want to admit they have a disorder. Believe me, I know from experience.

It's necessary, though. I honestly think with how this kind of thing isn't controlled at the moment, it's worse than gambling. It's worse because they have no one to answer to. Oh, they exploited someone and took their savings? What do they care? They don't have to answer to anyone.

Candy Crush Saga is a particularly virulent and insidious form of this exploitation. The game actually changes if you spend any money on it, which marks you as a 'spender.' It does this to trick you into spending more money on it. We know this, for a fact, yet it's still up on the app store -- Unchallenged.

Yes, this matters to me because I get annoyed by seeing people take advantage of disorders. Sometimes, yes, it's a case of 'a fool and their money' but only when things are truly transparent and quid pro quo. Otherwise it's exploitation. Honestly, the South Park episode 'Freemium Isn't Free' summed this up better than I ever could, so I'll stop talking now.

I'm against this. Not because I hate Konami, but simply because this is something that -- by all rights -- should be illegal. Incredibly illegal in countries which restrictive gambling laws.