Metal Gear Solid remake Shadow Moses is fanmade but they say “things seem positive” with Konami

Metal Gear Solid remake Zero

Nearing the top of many a wishlist would be a properly done, PC-friendly remake of the first Metal Gear Solid game. Preferably it would sit neatly in the MGS5 engine, using all its bells and whistles to tell a different story. With that not forthcoming from official sources, one savvy coder from Dublin, Airam Hernandez, has decided to make his own. Shadow Moses is created in Unreal 4 and has evolved from what was originally just a project to recreate the first game’s environments to a fully fledged remake with voice acting, cutscenes and actual gameplay.

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The trailer shows some scenes from early in the game, as well as shots of Snake actually moving around and interacting with the environment. There’s also some flash-frames and teases from towards the end of the plot, if you’re worried about that sort of thing.

It’s not a completely solo project by Hernandez, who worked with musicianDan Meadowcroft to create the trailer and game. Meadowcroft is also in charge of public relations, while one Ryan Dessert is on voice acting and the Snake model was created by another pair of folks, as detailed in this Facebook post. That post also promises that a second trailer is on the way with “more content.”Airam Hernandez introduced himself properly later, describing himself as a “Metal Gear LOVER” and explaining the project’s history.

The question, of course, is will Konami allow it to go on, and for how long. Presumably they won’t be allowing it to go on proper sale, but the game’s official Twitter pagerevealed that “things seem positive” in the not-getting-cease-and-desisted direction. Meadowcroft is in charge of those discussions, and they certainly aren’t hiding the project from Metal Gear’s IP-owner, tweeting it directly to themalong with a hashtag. The same account also tweeted dismissively this morning about amateur internet lawyers not knowing what they’re talking about, so I guess I better stop here or draw their ire. Needless to say, until Konami give it public approval, things will seem dicey.